I credit CHEAR for preventing me from having surgeries on my neck, shoulder and lower back. I am forever grateful to CHEAR for empowering me to overcome my pain and limitations.

Christine A.

Having worked with Dave Powers over the last several months, I can honestly say that he is on the ball and very concerned about his patients and their rehabilitation. I would recommend him to anyone needing rehabilitation services.

David S.

I was treated after surgery for my left shoulder at CHEAR. I considered it very efficient and effective, so much so that I decided to come back for my right shoulder following surgery.

Charles S.

After shoulder surgery a year and a half ago I did not believe I would ever be able to participate in the rigorous activities which my gardening profession demands. However, thanks to you I am now fully recovered and able to continue with my passion and profession as if I had never been injured. Again – Thank You.

Ines B.

I am a woman, seventy-eight years young, a woman who is able to walk once again, thanks to the expertise of the dedicated, professional physical therapist at CHEAR. CHEAR is a joyous and inspiring place in which to rehab. I highly recommend it.

Esther L.